Dawson City, Yukon's fire chief is spearheading a plan to install smoke detectors in every building in town this winter.

A firefighter for 30 years, Jim Regimbal says he's seen first-hand how important a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector is when it comes to saving lives.

"So many times we've gone to fires and the people did not have a working smoke alarm in their house," he says.

Regimbal says a manufacturer has already donated 150 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and he's confident he'll find sponsors to get hundreds more that are needed to ensure every home in town has a working one installed.

"I am looking for some sponsorship for the rest, but that's something that's in the works that I don't see a problem with."

The Association of Yukon Fire Chiefs has passed a resolution to help with fundraising.

Regimbal says the fire department is eager to check every installation and every alarm in town to make sure they're all in good working order. He'll need a homeowner's cooperation to do that, but again, Regimbal says he's confident that can be handled.

"If it is saving lives I don't see that as a big one to overcome."