After significant delays, Dawson City is scheduled to take over its $25 million sewage treatment plant on March 16.  

Jeff Renaud, Dawson City's chief administrative officer, says although there have been setbacks, city staff are getting ready to take over the plant.

New Dawson City sewage treatment plant

The new sewage treatment plant in Dawson City, Yukon, built by Corix Water Systems, uses two vertical shafts more than 90 metres deep, which take the place of more commonly-used aboveground lagoons. (CBC)


"We are in the final stages of what we call acceptance testing and that is part of the contract between the Yukon government and Corix, who built the plant," he said.

Catherine Harwood, the Yukon government's project leader, says delays were due to the need to make small design changes to fine tune the operation.

"The design changes are not major but they do improve the flow of the sewage through the plant which makes the treatment go more smoothly," she said.

Harwood estimates the cost to maintain the plant at about $340,000 a year.