Mayoral and council candidates in Dawson City, Yukon, made their best pitch Tuesday night at an election forum.

The top issues included the housing shortage, the desire for a new recreation facility, a bridge across the Yukon River and expanding the municipal boundary.

Resident Sadie Jabbar said he still hasn't made up his mind about who he’ll vote for.

"I think they all seem the same, just different wordings. Is it election rhetoric and everybody wants to give you what you want to hear? Well, that's yet to be seen I guess," he said.

The main race is between the two mayoral candidates, Peter Jenkins and Wayne Potoroka.

Earlier this year, incumbent Jenkins said he wasn't going to run. But he says that changed.

"When the phone calls started rolling in saying ‘you've probably annoyed a lot of people, the bottom line is, you at least know where it's all at and how to get us there and we don't want to go backwards’," said Jenkins.

Meanwhile, challenger and former councillor Potoroka said his style and approach are different.

"I ask you to elect a mayor who can build cooperative relationships with the non-profit organizations, governments and people who will help overcome our challenges. It's time to start pulling our friends a little closer instead of pushing them away," he said.

The main mayoral question for Dawson City voters seems to boil down to a preference of the status quo over change.

In Whitehorse, the Chamber of Commerce is hosting an election forum with council candidates Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at the Gold Rush Inn.

A Whitehorse mayoral forum will be held there Thursday night.