After a number of setbacks, Yukon hospital officials are now planning to open the new hospital in Dawson City on Dec. 7.

The delays have been costly but the Yukon Hospital Corporation says things are on track for the opening, even though some staff recruited to work there couldn't wait. 


The Yukon Hospital Corporation says the new hospitals in Dawson City should be finished by December. (CBC)

"People can't wait that long for a position, so they've moved on, but we've had no trouble finding others," said Jason Bilsky, CEO of the Yukon Hospital Corporation.

Workers are now repairing insulation underneath damaged siding that had to be completely stripped off the building. Replacement siding has been ordered but hasn't arrived yet. Bilsky says he is confident it will be shipped and installed on time for a grand opening.

He also says taxpayers are not going to be on the hook for the extra work. He says the bonding company looking after the hospital contract has picked up the tab.