In hiding for nearly 3 months, fugitive David Mikkigak reaches out by sat phone

David Mikkigak, 37, says he decided to reach out because he's afraid of 'false information' passed on to the RCMP, and wants to speak to a lawyer before he returns to Cape Dorset.

'I want to deal with this,' says Mikkigak, who has been hiding out on the land near Cape Dorset since June

David Mikkigak has been hiding from police outside the community of Cape Dorset for almost three months. (Submitted by Janice Matthewsie)

David Mikkigak says he is afraid.

The 37-year-old from Cape Dorset has been evading RCMP since June, living out on the land outside of the community with his common-law partner Maata Parr.

This week he broke his silence and isolation, when he called CBC North by satellite phone.

Mikkigak said he decided to reach out because he's afraid of "false information" being passed on to the RCMP.

"I want to go home, but the allegations set out towards me are very harsh," Mikkigak said in Inuktitut. "I want to speak to a lawyer about what I can do to protect myself from false allegations.

"I want to deal with this, but I want help before I go back to town and the RCMP."

It's believed Mikkigak is in hiding about 50 km outside of Cape Dorset. (CBC)

Mikkigak is wanted on a number of charges, including forcible confinement, dating back to June, and more recently, firearms-related offences.

On Aug. 14, RCMP allege Mikkigak fired at boaters with a high-powered rifle, allegations Mikkigak denies.

Mikkigak said the night he fled, he was drinking and doesn't remember what he did.

He was on probation at the time, he said, explaining that he got scared, jumped in his boat and took off.

"I went with my sister's husband. We went whale hunting … then other hunters said, 'I think the cops are looking for you,' and when I found out what for, I didn't return," said Mikkigak.

Police first put out a public call for help on Aug. 15, after Mikkigak had been hiding on the land outside Cape Dorset for six weeks.

They say Mikkigak has a history of violence towards the police and others, and they believe he has firearms with him where he is hiding out.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Mark Crowther says police have promised Mikkigak legal counsel, clothing and shelter if he turns himself in. (Travis Burke/CBC)

Sergeant Mark Crowther said police are doing all they can to reach out to him.

"We can't keep going on like this, and I know David is probably scared," Crowther said. "We are there for him … but he's got to take the step and turn himself in. All he has to do is call us."

Mikkigak's family has been bringing him food and supplies, and most recently, the satellite phone.

They say they're also trying to convince him to return to Cape Dorset.

Police have promised Mikkigak legal counsel, warmth, clothing and shelter if he turns himself in.

Edited by Joslyn Oosenbrug