The chief coroner in Yukon has announced dates for an inquest into carbon monoxide poisoning that claimed the lives of five people in Whitehorse last winter.

The week-long inquiry is set for the first week of February.

Coroner Kirsten Macdonald said there is public interest in knowing exactly how the family died, and how to prevent future deaths.


A family of four and a boarder who lived in their home died in Whitehorse in January from carbon monoxide poisoning. (CBC)

"When determining the necessity for an inquest into the deaths of the Rusk family and Donald McNamee, I consider the high level of public interest and attention and the possibility of prevention of future deaths of a similar nature," she said.

Whitehorse fire investigators have determined the carbon monoxide poisoning was caused by a blocked chimney.

All five occupants, including four members of the Rusk family and a boarder were found dead in the home.

A Whitehorse territorial court judge, John Faulkner, has been appointed to act as coroner for the inquest.