Two cyclists are safe after being chased by a black bear in Whitehorse.

The encounter happened in the Whitehorse subdivision of Porter Creek.

Conservation officers are warning residents the bear may be dangerous.

Kris Gustafson is a conservation officer with Environment Yukon.

He said the incident took place around 11pm Sunday night and was a close call for the cyclists.

"Apparently the bear had come very close to catching one of the persons. It was right behind the bicycle, apparently, when an individual intervened with their vehicle by driving it across the road and in between the bear and the cyclist and another person did witness that, and I guess this person assisted the people on the bikes and moved them away and the bear left the area," he said.

Gustasfon says he doesn't know the identity of the cyclists or the drivers.

He said that while bears are commonly seen in Whitehorse, this particular bear showed unusually aggressive  behaviour.

Officials have set out a bear trap in the area.

Meanwhile two bears have recently been spotted on the west side of downtown Whitehorse in the clay cliff areas.

Environment Yukon is recommending that trail users carry bear spray.