In order to purchase from Iqaluit's beer and wine store, customers will need to sign up for an account with the Nunavut Liquor Commission.

The government of Nunavut has opened account registration before the pilot store opens.

Prospective customers can download an application form from the Department of Finance's website or pick one up from the Iqaluit permit office on the first floor of the Parnaivik building (#924).

You can submit your application along with an ID, proving you are over 19 years old, to or by dropping by the permit office.

Individuals who already have an account with the liquor commission should still fill out the application, in case their account has lapsed, according to Denise Grandmaison, communications manager for the Finance Department.

The store, which was originally expected to open this month, has been delayed until late summer.

For more information, call 867-645-8475 or email