A Crown prosecutor has asked for a jail sentence of between four and six months for Kim MacNearney and six to eight months for her husband Craig for their convictions of illegally possessing and growing marijuana.

The Yellowknife couple was found guilty earlier this week

The prosecutor also said he would not oppose that sentence being served under some form of house arrest.

Five witnesses, including friends, a neighbour, former co-workers, and the teacher of their children testified at the hearing. All of them described the couple as caring parents, good neighbours, and active members of the community.

A former boss of Kim MacNearney's, in the territorial government, said MacNearney was a "great" employee.

The MacNearney's lawyer asked for a conditional discharge — which would mean that if the MacNearneys complied with the conditions, they would not be left with criminal records.

The judge said she will deliver her sentence on Jan. 16.