Pest control workers were on the scene Monday at a Yellowknife apartment complex in an attempt to eradicate a cricket infestation.

Northern Property Real Estate Management says crickets have been a problem in its Ptarmigan and Shaganappy buildings since it bought them back in 2010, and says it is not clear how the crickets came to be in the complex.


Pest control experts were called in this week in an attempt to rid Shaganappy and Ptarmigan apartments in Yellowknife of a cricket infestation. The property owner says crickets have been a problem since it bought the apartment buildings in 2010. (CBC)

According to resident Kerry Guin, the insects have been providing background noise in his apartment for some time.

Guin moved in about a year ago and says he has seen 20 to 30 crickets, mostly in his bathroom.

"I did some research and there didn't seem to be any harm," he said. "They don't spread diseases or anything so I wasn't really worried."

He is more concerned about pesticides.

Lincoln Poulin, vice-president of technical operations at Poulin’s Pest Control, said crickets can be hard to get rid of but they  can be discouraged without using pesticides.

"Ensure the apartment has no moisture [by] using a dehumidifier or having fans in there to lower the humidity in the room," he said. "A lot of people try to say, ‘Well, it's not humid to me.’ But it could be to the cricket."

Poulin said if people are worried about using pesticides, they can also use glue traps.