A woman who ran over an elderly woman at a crosswalk in Yellowknife last summer is back in jail.

In December, Toni-Lynn Buggins-Godin was given a six-month conditional sentence for driving while disqualified.

One of the conditions was to not consume alcohol or drugs, but earlier this month Buggins was found in her Hay River apartment high on crack cocaine.

At her sentencing hearing, Buggins-Godin had tearfully pleaded with the judge not to send her to jail, saying she had turned her life around.

The judge cited the 31-year-old's long criminal record, but said she believed Buggins-Godin was sorry for severely injuring the 90-year-old woman.

At the time of the accident, Buggins-Godin was on a driving ban for her third impaired driving conviction.

According to court documents, earlier this month, the owners of Buggins-Godin's Hay River apartment found that water coming from her apartment was flooding a basement suite.

They found Buggins-Godin in a daze, and her three-year-old child running around naked.

They called police after plunging the blocked toilet and finding half a beer can, a small tube and a black plastic bag.

Buggins-Godin admitted to police she had used crack cocaine.

On Monday, a judge ordered Buggins-Godin to remain in jail until March 7.

When she's released, she plans to move to British Columbia to live with a child she adopted out and her foster parents.