Whitehorse RCMP are crediting a police dog for helping round up three suspects in a robbery at Shipyards Park Thursday night.

A fourth suspect is still at large and police are continuing their search.

Cam Long and Crash

Crash and his handler Cpl. Cam Long, are Yukon's new police dog service for tracking suspects and searching for missing persons. The team located three of four suspects in a robbery Thursday night. (David Croft/CBC)

RCMP Const. Dean Hoogland says a young couple was walking through the park when four people mugged them, stealing a bottle of liquor and $250.

"They are OK," he said. "They received some minor injuries. The RCMP went to the area where the couple reported they were mugged. After a brief foot patrol in the area they located some suspects who tried to flee. Police called in the police dog service unit."

Hoogland says the dog quickly located the suspects although one did manage to evade arrest.

He says muggings are rare when there are large numbers of people around and although he says there's no reason for panic, sensible precautions should be taken when walking in more secluded places.