The City of Whitehorse is standing by an eviction order for a flock of Riverdale chickens.

Urban chicken keeper Kristina Calhoun asked city council Monday for a reprieve, saying she didn't get a clear answer at the council meeting two weeks ago.

"They didn't say yes but they also didn't say no," she said. 

She argued her neighbours either like the chickens or at least tolerate them. 

City administration manager Rob Fendrick did his best to clarify the situation.  

"The eviction notice has been given, period, so there's no if ands or buts about it," he said.  

City councillor Dave Stockdale said he was dead set against chickens in urban neighbourhoods.    

"I am just not in favour of it or even any kind of compromise," he said.

Council will review the city's animal control bylaw, including the ban on urban chickens, by next spring.