Coroner holding separate inquests into Watson Lake deaths

The inquest into the deaths of Teresa Scheunert and Mary Johnny will now be separated into two inquests, but the coroner overseeing the cases gave no reason for the change.

The coroner overseeing the inquest into the deaths of two Watson Lake women has decided to hold two separate inquests.

Norm Leibel, from B.C., will preside over the inquests into the deaths of Teresa Scheunert and Mary Johnny.

They died two years ago after being treated at the Watson Lake hospital.

The inquest for Scheunert will be held June 2 to 6 with the inquest into Johnny's death following the next week June 9 to 11.

Two separate six-person juries will be called. They will be asked to determine, among other things, how the two women died and the circumstances of their deaths. Both inquests will be held in Whitehorse.

The coroner's office did not provide a reason for the change.