Coral Harbour teachers to appear in court April 30

Three teachers in Coral Harbour, Nunavut are scheduled to appear before Justice Andrew Mahar on April 30 to speak to charges of unlawful possession of liquor in a dry community.

Three teachers at Sakku School are set to appear before Justice Andrew Mahar in Coral Harbour, Nunavut, on April 30.

All three have been charged with unlawful possession of liquor under the Nunavut Liquor Act.

Coral Harbour is a dry community.

Jessica Evans and Erin Sallie are charged in relation to incidents alleged to have occurred around February 17. Rick Aucoin has been charged in relation to an incident alleged to have occurred February 19.

All three teachers are still working at the school.

Leoni Duffy, a former teacher who lives in Coral Harbour, says she’s disappointed to hear about the charges.

She says the community voted to become dry after she lost an uncle because of alcohol several years ago.

"It's a dry community and we have to respect that,” Duffy says. “We vote against liquor and we work very hard to say no. We expect people to respect our community to have a healthier community.”

In February of this year, Nunavut education officials sent a school operations team into the community to investigate the incidents.

The Department of Education says the District Education Authority was satisfied with the investigation and no teachers were let go.

Two youth have also been charged with break and enter and theft in relation to the alleged incidents.

The youth will also appear April 30.