The contractor heading up the extensive renovations to Yellowknife's Wildcat Cafe has been fired.

The project is at least a year behind schedule, and it's still not known when the historic Old Town restaurant will reopen.

Since work started in 2011, the renovation has suffered multiple setbacks, from the unexpected overhaul of the foundation to appliances going missing.

The city-run project is now trying to move forward after firing contractor Rick Muyres.

"We have no issue with the work that Rick Muyres did, he is good at what he does. But he's somewhat of a perfectionist and tends to take more time than what was allocated for the project," said city manager Dennis Kefalas.


The renovations to the Wildcat Cafe are a year behind schedule, with no date set for when it will re-open. (CBC)

City officials said they couldn't reach Muyres over the winter to nail down a completion date for the project — he was out of the country.

Muyres won't speak publicly, but he did say the major delays were on the city's side and beyond his control.

The city is now taking over construction on the project.

"We understood amongst ourselves that we would be able to complete the work ourselves and really help not increase any additional cost to the project," said Kefalas.

Kefalas said the total budget for the project was around half a million dollars. To date, the city has spent about $475,000.