The new arrest processing facility will be attached to the jail in Whitehorse. It is scheduled to open in 2014. (CBC)

A construction blunder at Yukon’s arrest processing unit will cost $47,000 to repair.

The government poured a concrete foundation for the building while constructing the new jail a few years back. The foundation was heated and had connections for sewer and water.   

But then building plans changed. As a result the concrete pad must be ripped up.

Doris Wurfbaum, spokesperson for highways and public works, said the overall project will still cost less than the initial design called for.

"Proceeding as we proceeded was still better than completely starting from scratch with a whole new facility unattached to the building," she said.

The facility is expected to cost about $3 million.

Construction on the project starts this fall and is expected to finish in the spring of 2014.

When complete, the unit will deal with intoxicated people. The need for an arrest processing unit was raised after Raymond Silverfox died in police custody in 2008.