ConocoPhillips wants to build a bigger camp and draw more water than originally planned at it's fracking operation in the Sahtu.  

Sahtu region

ConocoPhillips wants to expand its camp at its fracking program in the Sahtu Region of the Northwest Territories. (CBC)

The company is licensed for a 150-person camp 7 kilometres from the Mackenzie River along its all-season access road.

It’s applying to expand that camp to hold up to 425 people.

Conoco also wants to take more water from the Mackenzie River — an additional 9,000 cubic metres annually, up from the 6,500 cubic metres its currently authorized to use.

The first horizontal fracking project in the Northwest Territories has had a troubled start.

ConocoPhillip’s fracking program in the Sahtu region has so far seen three chemical and sewage spills, a sudden release of 2,700 cubic meters of water from a holding pond that gave out, and injured one worker. 

Earlier this month a federal inspector toured the site and reported that Conoco was meeting the terms of its licence.

Details of the proposed expansion can be seen on the Sahtu Land and Water Board's public registry.

The  Board will decide the next steps in the approval process based on the comments it receives.

Today is the last day for the public to comment on its plans.