ConocoPhillips has released a report detailing the chemicals it plans to use when it drills horizontal wells in the Sahtu this winter. 

The Chemical Risk Management Plans says that water will be mixed with sand and chemical additives.

The mixture will be pumped underground at a rate of up to 10 cubic metres a minute. The report says 8,000 cubic metres of water will be used for each well.

The report also lists the health and environmental risks of the chemicals that will be added to the water base.

Several are listed as carcinogenic (cancer causing) and toxic to humans. Others are identified as substances that should be kept out of waterways.

The report says the company plans to train workers to handle the materials. And it says there will be emergency response and spill prevention plans.

Earlier this fall, the Council of Canadians asked the territorial government to investigate what chemicals ConocoPhillips planned to use. The territory declined the request.

Northwest Territories' Environment and Natural Resources Minister Michael Miltenberger wrote a letter saying the project had already gained approvals through the regulatory review process.