An Iqaluit West voter has filed an official complaint with the RCMP over election candidate Elisapee Sheutiapik's election signs, buttons and other campaign materials.

In a letter to RCMP dated Thursday, John Thomas alleged that Sheutiapik and her financial agent, Victor Tootoo, have been violating parts of the Nunavut Elections Act because some of their campaign materials do not state they are authorized by the candidate's financial agent, campaign manager or sponsor.

"I noticed that Ms. Sheutiapik's campaign was handing out buttons, brochures — and radio ads are running — and nothing to say that it was authorized by her financial agent," Thomas told CBC News on Thursday.

"Everybody in the Elections Act, even in the federal one, has to always detail that whatever they're handing out or advertising has to be authorized by their financial agent," he added. "There's reasons for that under the Elections Act, obviously for auditing and claiming expenditures and stuff like that."

It's now up to the RCMP to investigate Thomas's complaint and determine if Sheutiapik breached the act.

Sheutiapik is running against Nunavut Premier Paul Okalik, in what's expected to be a hotly contested race in Monday's territorial election.

Nadia Ciccone, Okalik's official agent, shared Thomas's concerns about Sheutiapik's campaign material.

"There's an error that they are showing consistently," she said. "I think a lot of them say 'authorized by financial agent,' but you need to put the financial agent's name."

Tootoo said his team was surprised by the complaint.

"We run a clean campaign and we don't have anything to hide," Tootoo said, adding that campaign staff have discussed the issue with RCMP "and have advised that we're going to completely co-operate with the investigation."

Thomas's letter was filed on the same day CBC News reported that Okalik's campaign sent fundraising letters to some senior government staff. Ciccone defended the letters, arguing that her team is not breaching the Elections Act.