Members of the Behdzi Ahda First Nation in Colville Lake, N.W.T.  will learn more about their community's plans for self-government this weekend. 

On Saturday, the band will be updating its members — who are flying in from across Canada — on the process.

Joseph Kochon, who speaks for the First Nation, says talks are in the beginning stages right now, and the First Nation is working on a timeline for the negotiations with the territory and federal government.

"Just the first stage of our self-government discussions just basically an agenda between Colville Lake and the GNWT and the federal government," Kochon said. "So that kind of just sets out the stages of discussions over the next couple of years. We just want to update our membership."

After the timeline is finalized, the parties will negotiate an agreement-in-principle. 

Last month, Deline, N.W.T. voted to ratify its final self-government agreement.