The wife of a Qulliq Energy Corp. manager who owns an Iqaluit duplex with utility president Peter Mackey said allegations about work being done on their property are false.

Geraldine Penney and her husband, Grant, own one side of House 4129, with Mackey owning the other side.

The duplex was featured in photographs  South Baffin MLA Fred Schell tabled in the Nunavut legislature last month, showing Qulliq Energy employees with recycled power poles.

The RCMP has since launched an investigation  into the allegations, based on a formal complaint they have received.

But Penney said her husband, a lines supervisor at the utility, did all the work on the property himself after the power poles were dropped off.

"To me, it's all blown out of proportion," she told CBC News on Wednesday.

"The guys, the line crew, did drop off the poles to our house, 4129-B, but they did not do the work. The work was done by my husband himself."

'Leave our family out of it'

Penney said her family has done nothing wrong, as Qulliq Energy gives away used power poles to people in the community.

"As far as I'm concerned, no crime was done … so I'd just like to move on. Like, people are passing by our house and pointing, and our kids are starting to talk about it. Like, enough is enough," she said.

"We recycled a few poles. And if you go around town, we're not the only ones recycling a few poles," she added. "Whatever's going on with the power [corporation], please leave our family out of it."

Penney said she and her husband have lived in Iqaluit for 14 years and have given a lot to the community, so they don't understand why they are being targeted by the allegations.

While Penney is speaking out about the situation, Mackey and other Qulliq Energy officials have refused CBC News' request for an interview.

In a recent news release, Qulliq Energy stated that the residence shown in the photos is not Mackey's personal residence.

The utility also said allegations of officials using corporate resources for personal benefit are unfounded and incorrect.

Lorne Kusugak, the minister responsible for the utility, has not returned calls for comment.