Yellowknife has a new town springing to life within city limits — though there won't be any rezoning necessary.

Jonesville, named after its creators Wes and Maureen Jones, is a miniature town made up of toy models they built in their living room.

"It started with a next door neighbour," said Wes Jones. "She gave us one little house as a gift just before Christmas six or seven years ago."

The couple began seeing accessories they thought would look nice with the house. Once they added a second house, things "exploded," said Jones.

"We try and set it up so it kind of reflects our life  what we've done in the past, what we're doing now. We try to show a little bit of us in the village." 

Today the village has a church, wedding party, casino, a mountain filled with skiers, a Santa Claus and an airport. It all takes up a third of the couple's living room. 

Wes Jones says it's a small price to pay for a hobby that adds a little extra joy for friends and family during the holiday season.