Charlie Evaglok of Kugluktuk, Nunavut, has a duck in his kitchen.

He found the lone duck Thursday near the community’s airport. The duck, which for some reason didn’t migrate south, was being harassed by a raven.


Charlie Evaglok found a duck near the community's airport Thursday, months after it should have migrated south. (submitted by Charlie Evaglok)

"The little duck, it couldn’t move on its own," he said. "It just let me grab it, and it had really cold feet."

According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Kugluktuk dipped to a low of -28 C on Thursday.

Now the duck is in a cardboard box in Evaglok's house.

Over in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., earlier this week, Annie Emaghok spotted seagulls. She said she thinks the birds must be confused by this year's record-low sea ice.

"They don't know where to go, maybe," she said. "Maybe that open water [is] not too far from Tuk, maybe that's why."

Both Evaglok and Emaghok hope the duck left behind in Kugluktuk can be rescued.

"Put it in a plane and have someone fly it south," Emaghok laughed.