Child approached by 3 coyotes in Whitehorse

A parent was able to chase away three coyotes who approached a child on Grove Street yesterday, but conservation officers are warning others to be careful after several wildlife sightings in the city.
A moose was spotted along the Yukon River by the Millennium Trail between Spook Creek Station and Shipyards Park in Whitehorse recently. Environment Yukon is warning people to be careful near wildlife, and keep dogs on leashes to be safe. (Fawn Fritzen)

Conservation officers are warning people in Whitehorse to be watchful after several recent wildlife sightings.

Coyotes have been seen in the Porter Creek area of Whitehorse.

Environment Yukon says they received a report yesterday of a child being approached by 3 coyotes on Grove Street.

The child wasn't hurt, and the coyotes were scared away by a parent.

Wolves have also been seen around the ski trails at Mount Mac.

People skiing with their dogs are being warned to be vigilant, use a leash, and consider carrying bear spray on the trails.

Reports have also come in of a moose along the Yukon River by the Millenium Trail between Spook Creek Station and Shipyards Park.

You can report unusual wildlife sightings at 1-800-661-0525.