Edward Chocolate, the former chief of Gameti, N.W.T., says he may challenge the outcome of Monday's election.

He says he has concerns about some of those who voted.

"Some of the people who were living in Behchoko and Edzo, came here and voted," he said.

"I talked to some people and found out that some of these voters were from Rae. They live in Rae or Behchoko. I can't disclose the person who told me."

David Wedawin won the election Monday with 82 votes. Chocolate lost by one vote. A recount Tuesday confirmed the original results.

Chocolate said he is getting legal advice. He has until Aug. 9 to challenge the results.

Ndilo election also called into question

One of the candidates in Tuesday's Yellowknives Dene election for Chief of Ndilo is also questioning the results.

Shirley Tsetta lost to Ernest Betsina by only one vote.

There was an immediate recount, but Tsetta still believes something went wrong.

She says she is writing the council to express her concerns.