Benjamin Palluq

Benjamin Palluq is described as 5 feet, 7 inches tall, with a slender build, short, dark hair and a missing front tooth. (Courtesy of Ron Wassink)

Iqaluit Search and Rescue is looking for more help in the search for Benjamin Palluq.

Teams have been scouring abandoned boats and crates and going door-to-door since Monday, looking for the 44-year-old homeless man who has been a fixture in downtown Iqaluit for years.

Jimmy Akavak is with Iqaluit Search and Rescue.

He says more volunteers are needed, and he wants everyone to look around their property for places Palluq could hide.

"Anywhere someone can crawl in or otherwise take shelter,” Akavak says. “He was known to take shelter in boiler rooms or other places where he could stay warm or take shelter."

Aakavak says the RCMP is also still looking for tips on where Palluq might be.

He says teams will continue searching until the RCMP or his family ask them to stop.

Akavak says there have been reports that Palluq was seen last Sunday, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

He describes Palluq as walking with a slight limp and "very approachable."

Searchers now plan to check houses where no one answered yesterday.