Yukon officials have laid charges in connection with a fatal workplace accident last year where a tire shop employee was crushed by a truck he was working on.

The victim’s employer, his supervisor, and the owner and supervisor of the truck are facing charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

In November 2011, Denis Chabot, 34, an employee at Integra Tire, was servicing a North 60 Petro fuel truck.

After completing the work he told supervisors it was ready for pickup. Then Chabot apparently did one final check.

That's when the North 60 driver showed up, climbed into the running vehicle and backed up. Chabot was crushed and died from his injuries.

Both companies involved, North 60 and Integra Tire, have been charged. Safety officials say the truck should have been locked out until servicing was complete and the driver should have checked for danger before backing it up.

Both supervisors involved, Frank Taylor with North 60 and Paul Bubiak with Integra Tire, have also been charged for failing to properly train their workers.