Charges against North 60 Petro truck driver stayed

Charges against Allan Lelievre, the driver of the truck involved in the death of Denis Chabot at a Whitehorse tire shop, have been stayed.

Allan Lelievre won't have to stand trial.

Lelievre was charged following the death of Denis Chabot at Integra Tire two years ago.

He failed to do a walk-around, as required by law, before driving the truck away.

Chabot was crushed beneath the truck.

Kurt Dieckmann, a director at the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board, says forgoing the trial seemed like “the right thing to do.”

He says Lelievre has accepted his responsibility.

"This driver is not going to get into a vehicle again, or get into a truck and drive it again, without doing a walk-around so that specific deterrent is there,” Dieckmann says.

“There's nothing else that would come out in another trial, there's no other information that would be there, so really there isn't a lot to be gained.”

A trial this winter saw Lelievre's employer, North 60 Petro, and his supervisor fined a total of $46,000.

Integra Tire was fined almost $49,000.

Both companies were convicted for failing to properly train their employees.

Lelievre has agreed to pay a $3,000 fine.