Catholics in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, are preparing their church for the ordination of the next bishop of Churchill-Hudson Bay next month.

Father Tony Krotki of Igloolik will be officially ordained May 30 as the successor to Reynald Rouleau, who retired in February. The Churchill-Hudson Bay diocese includes all of Nunavut, and Churchill, Man.

Bernadette Niviatsiak, who is co-ordinating the preparation of the church, said putting images of the Catholic Church onto a seal skin was difficult.

"We were asked to design the wall hangings with respect to what the Catholic Mission offers such as baptism, communion and other things, so drawing them on paper and then to sew them on seal skin was sort of complex," she said.

Although the Catholic Mission has a budget for the beautification of the church, some fundraising also took place. They raised $8,000, along with many in-kind donations to be used at the event.

"When there is an ordination, the Reverend has to kneel down, so we are very fortunate to have Emily Beardsall lend us her mounted polar bear hide for Father Krotki to use when he is being ordained."

The church’s preparation must be done by May 15.

More than 30 delegates from all over are expected to attend the event next month.