After serving 25 years as a Roman Catholic Bishop, Reynald Rouleau is retiring.

He's the Bishop for the Churchill Hudson Bay area which includes all of Nunavut.


Reynald Rouleau is retiring as Bishop of Churchill Hudson Bay.

Rouleau says the Catholic Church allows for retirement at age 75; he is now 77 years old.

He says he'll miss the vastness of the north and especially the people.

But he's grateful for having the experience. "I want to thank all those people who have been supportive. Even in times of more difficult situations, they've been helpful and understanding and supportive so, I thank them all."

Rouleau will be replaced as bishop by Tony Krotki, currently a priest in Igloolik. Originally from Poland, Krotki first came to Igloolik in 1991 and spent eight years in Gjoa Haven before returning to Igloolik in 2001.

Krotki is able to communicate in Inuktitut and will be ordained as bishop this summer.