Cat mansions: Yukon builder's small business grows

These elaborate constructions are really the cat's meow.

Daniel LeGoffe caters to pet owners willing to pay for a custom-built cat house

Daniel LeGoffe has been making 'cat mansions' for a few months now in Whitehorse. He's been advertising on social media and says he's surprised at how quickly orders have been coming in. (Philippe Morin/CBC)

A small business in Yukon is clawing its way up the carpeted pole of success.

Daniel LeGoffe designs and builds "cat mansions" — made up of boxes, tunnels and climbing poles — in a backyard workshop. He's sold more than 20 in just a few months.

Cat as guinea pig: Zippy gives this model a test run. (Provided)

Some are small, but others can be as large as a bunk bed or a dining room table and fetch up to $500.

"When you get a big model with many boxes and many ins-and-outs, the cat goes nuts. They have fun," LeGoffe said. 

He has a sketchbook of designs and he's come up with more than 60 variations. Some designs are inspired by medieval and Roman architecture, or pyramids. 

LeGoffe says his own cat Zippy has been his inspiration and lead tester. 

All the mansions are made of plywood and tough cardboard, normally used for pouring cement into shapes. The tunnels, boxes and mazes are covered in carpet or coiled rope and connected with cable-and-rope bridges like a treehouse village. 

LeGoffe is keeping his day job with Northwestel. But he says his business — "Spoiled Little Rascals" — is so far doing well, having only advertised on social media in Yukon. 

"I think I have found my niche," he said. "I am surprised at how it took off." 


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