The opening of a new water treatment plant in Carcross, Yukon, Thursday, comes as Yukon nears the end of its program to bring community drinking water in line with federal regulations.

Water from Bennett Lake has replaced a well as the source of water for Carcross. The new $4.3 million plant is about half a block from the lake.

Yukon MP Ryan Leef says it's money well spent.

"When you look at this building now, it's impressive," he said. "The technology, the modernization of this kind of facility is critical for the community."

The plant filters and treats the water, removing solids and toxins such as arsenic.

Dan Kemble, chair of the Carcross local advisory committee, says it may not be exciting to most people, but it is important to the health and well being of the community.

"Having safe water is critical and even though it looks to the layman that there's more than we need here to do what we require, we appreciate the science behind keeping our water clean and secure, so it's a good thing for us," he said.

The new water treatment plant in Carcross was built in part because of new federal drinking water guidelines. Many communities have already had their treatment plants replaced. The only one left to be replaced is Watson Lake. Some community wells also need to be upgraded.