Cape Dorset youths held after RCMP shootout

RCMP in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, say they exchanged gunfire with two youths early Wednesday, in the Baffin Island community's second gun-related incident this week.

RCMP in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, say they exchanged gunfire with two armed youths early Wednesday morning, marking the second gun-related incident in the Baffin Island community this week.

Police said they received several complaints around 1 a.m. ET about shots being fired in the remote hamlet of about 1,200.

Two youths, whose names, ages and genders were not disclosed, were in the vicinity with two firearms, and one took up a position outside several occupied homes, RCMP said in a release.

Efforts by the local Mounties to negotiate fell apart when the youths opened fire down a residential street, according to police, and the RCMP officers returned fire once. The youths surrendered immediately afterward and were taken into custody, police said.

One injured

One was taken to the Cape Dorset Health Centre with a non-life-threatening wound. Police would not say Wednesday whether the youth had been struck by an RCMP bullet, and did not immediately announce any charges.

Police said more information would be released later Wednesday.

The latest incident followed a 3½-hour armed standoff Sunday at a Cape Dorset home, where RCMP then found the body of a slain man.

Elee Geetah, 19, was charged with second-degree murder, assault, and several firearm-related offences. The deceased was identified as Jamesie Simigak, Geetah's 23-year-old brother.

Police said the latest incident was not related to that case.

In another recent shooting, RCMP charged Peter Kingwatsiak, 18, with second-degree murder after the body of Mappaluk Adla was found in a home on Sept. 19.

Because RCMP officers were involved in Wednesday's shooting, the force said members from a different jurisdiction will conduct an external investigation.