'We will help you,' sister pleads to Cape Dorset, Nunavut, man on the run since June

David Mikkigak was charged with offences including assault and forcible confinement in June. After he allegedly fired a high-powered rifle at boaters on Monday, he has also been charged with firearms-related offences.

David Mikkigak is camped out about 50 kilometres from town, says Cape Dorset mayor

David Mikkigak is charged with multiple offences, including assault and forcible confinement. (Facebook/RCMP)

Iqaluit RCMP are sending additional resources to Cape Dorset, Nunavut, today, to help bring in a man who's been on the run from police for seven weeks.

David Mikkigak, 37, is wanted on a number of offences including assault and forcible confinement from June. He is now also wanted on firearms-related offences, after he allegedly fired a high-powered rifle at boaters on Monday.

The boaters were out collecting carving stone, according to police.

Palaya Qiatsuk, the mayor of Cape Dorset, said people in the community don't feel safe after the incident.

Qiatsuk said Mikkigak is hiding out about 50 kilometres outside of town in a popular hunting and harvesting area.

"The situation is quite difficult because he is out on the land, and we want everyone to be safe — the RCMP, and the people and him. We just want to end it peacefully and we want him to turn himself in," Qiatsuk said.

Qiatsuk is asking all residents to stay away from the area where Mikkigak is believed to be hiding. The hamlet is working with police to help bring Mikkigak in safely.

"All options are being discussed to assist David in turning himself in," said RCMP Staff Sergeant Mark Crowther in a press release.

The RCMP said efforts have been made to reach out to Mikkigak directly and through friends, relatives and elders.

'We will help you,' sister says

Mikkigak's sister Janice Mathewsie spoke with CBC Friday, saying she will work hard to get him the help he needs. 

"David, I'm speaking on behalf of your mother and your immediate family members: we're very concerned and we care about you a lot. You need to turn yourself in... this can end peacefully.

"Think about your mother; she's going through so much right now, she's an elder. We will help you. Our family will be there for you. There can be a positive resolution to this, please contact us. Come home."

Police believe some in the community are helping Mikkigak with food and supplies.

"It's imperative that you stop providing supplies and equipment to assist David. You can assist our efforts at making this work," Crowther said. "We'd like to communicate with David so that we can end this peacefully."

Anyone with information can provide it anonymously to RCMP at 867-897-1111, through Nunavut Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 and through social media.

With files from Pauline Pemik