Canadian Rangers from half a dozen communities will be on the Yukon River this week taking part in an exercise called Border to Border.

Warrant Officer Mark St. Pierre, who is organizing the exercise, is serving as a human baton. The local patrols will meet and pass him along all the way from Atlin, B.C., to the border with Alaska, just beyond Dawson City.

"The concept is we want to prove that we're able to respond to an accident or an incident on the Yukon River watershed from multiple directions,” he said.

“So, by having the patrols meet and pass me along, we're confirming that we have that ability to travel that waterway."

Twenty-four rangers from Atlin, Carcross, Whitehorse, Carmacks, Pelly Crossing and Dawson City are taking part in the exercise. 

The patrol began on Wednesday. St. Pierre says the trip has already been an adventure.

"It started out a little rough in Atlin Lake and then we experienced some fog, to the point where we had to pull over for a while. Just the prudent thing to do since we lost contact with the other boat," he said. "Once that burned off, everything's been sweet ever since. It's been great travelling."

The patrol is expected to depart Whitehorse Friday and will wrap up on Oct. 2 or 3.