Laval St. Germain

Laval St. Germain of Canadian North: Somebody should have said, ‘Hey, have we told the TSB?'' (Courtesy Canadian North)

Canadian North will add a new checkbox to its safety management systems report to make sure all incidents are reported to the Transportation Safety Board.

In December, a Canadian North 737-300, with 139 people on board, did a slight roll shortly after taking off from Fort MacKay, Alta. For a few seconds, the pilots thought they were losing control of the aircraft.

Laval St. Germain, director of flight operations, says the plane actually banked up to 30 degrees to the left — similar to how a plane moves during a turn — but the airline still doesn’t know what caused the incident.

"It could have been an environmental condition, an environmental factor," he says. "It could have been some type of wind sheer event, although I doubt that."

The airline failed to report the incident to the Transportation Safety Board for six months.

That’s something St. Germain says won’t happen again.

"It’s important to note that we were investigating fully this incident from the moment that it occurred,” says St. Germain. “Somebody should have said, ‘Hey, have we told the TSB?’”

The December incident was eventually reported after an internal safety quality assurance audit. The TSB is now investigating.

St. Germain says the company grounded the plane when it arrived in Edmonton and did a full inspection.