A Canadian North Dash-8 aircraft travelling to Taloyoak, Nunavut on Monday had to declare an emergency when one of its two engines failed.

The plane was coming from Kugaaruk. It was about 70 kilometres from Taloyoak when it ran into engine trouble.

There were 14 passengers and three crew on board.

Graeme Burns, a spokesperson for Canadian North, says the crew followed proper operating procedure.

"This particular aircraft in question has been inspected and a faulty sensor line was replaced by our maintenance personnel," says Burns.

"After consulting with Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board, the aircraft has been cleared to fly again."

Passengers who had been scheduled to continue to Cambridge Bay on that flight had to overnight in Taloyoak.

This was the second incident in four days involving an engine on a Canadian North aircraft.

737 on Ottawa-Iqaluit route had engine problems Friday

Last Friday, passengers on board a Canadian North flight bound for Iqaluit spent a good part of their morning circling above Ottawa.

The left engine on the Boeing 737-200 was not getting full power, and the plane had to return to the airport.

"There is a maximum landing weight that's allowed, according to the manufacturer's standards," said Lisa Hicks, a spokesperson for the airline. "So because the flight had just taken off, we had too much weight, so we had to circle for some time."

Hicks says at no time were the passengers or crew in danger. The 737 could have flown safely to Iqaluit on one engine, but it's procedure to return to the airport.

Both the flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit, and the returning flight back to Ottawa, had to be cancelled.