Canadian North will begin flying directly between Iqaluit and Halifax this summer, the airline announced Thursday.

Passengers will be able to continue, on the same plane, to St. John's. The new seasonal service will begin June 20.

It's good news for many northerners with ties to the Maritimes, such as Gloria Lohnes.

"I'm from Halifax and we live in Resolute, so if we decide to go to Halifax I think it's pretty cool we can just take a direct flight instead of having to stop over," she says. "It makes a huge difference."

Canadian North will operate the route for three months but spokesperson Scott Weatherall says if it's successful, it might be extended.

"Right now there's no direct flight from Halifax to Iqaluit," he says. "We'll be the first providers of that. So what that means to someone who's in the construction industry or something like that, if they're on rotating shifts, they can be home for late supper on a Friday night."

The airline says it will use its 136-seat 737-300 on the route. 

Canadian North also announced that, effective immediately, it is returning to its old checked baggage weight limit of 70 pounds per piece. The airline had reduced the allowed baggage weight to 50 pounds per piece on Feb.1. 

Weatherall says a new weekly cargo freighter on Wednesdays helped lighten the load on its 737 combi jets.