A University of Cambridge professor will be allowed to testify in a Yukon land claims trial.

The judge has ruled Paul McHugh's expert report on the subject will be accepted as evidence.

The New Zealand lawyer teaches at the University of Cambridge in England. He’s described as a leading authority on aboriginal title and the legal status of tribal peoples around the world.


A Whitehorse judge has allowed Cambridge University professor Paul McHugh to testify in a Yukon land claims trial. His testimony is expected to refute the Ross River Dena's claims. (University of Cambridge)

Federal authorities in Canada have regularly contracted McHugh as an independent witness for land claim cases.

He's now been cleared to be their expert witness in the Ross River Dena Council trial currently before the Yukon Supreme court.

The First Nation has no land claim settlement but are suing for compensation based on promises implied in the 1870 Order which admitted Yukon to Canada.

McHugh's analysis of the 140-year-old Order is expected to refute those claims. First Nation lawyers have argued the report is biased and not factual.

McHugh is expected to defend the report when the trial resumes Monday morning.