Elementary school students in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, got a sweet surprise Tuesday: holiday treats for every boy and girl.

Peter Laube, who owns local construction business Kalvik Enterprises, started the tradition 10 years ago when his own daughter was in kindergarten.

"She wanted to bring snacks to the kindergarten, so we didn't just want to bring snacks to two or three kids so we bought snacks for her entire classroom," he said. "When our daughter went into Grade 1 we bought them for the whole school. What do we get out of it? We ensure that all kids have a little something for Christmas."

Kalvik Enterprises now provides Christmas treats for 250 children. The gift bags include Kinder Surprise chocolates, juice boxes and candy canes.

This year the company is also donating 10 door prizes to mark the 10th year of the tradition.

Laube say he'd like to see more businesses across the Kitikmeot region reach out to children at this time of year.