Residents of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, recently heard more details about Ottawa's plans for a High Arctic Research Station.

"The important thing was just to introduce the design team for them to meet in person for them to meet the architect whose going to be leading the project and for the architect just to get to know the community," said Nick Xenos, director of Arctic Science Policy Integration with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.

Officials are looking at three possible sites for the research station — on the airport road, the Water Lake road or on the plateau in the north-eastern part of town.  

Xenos said there will likely be more than one building. He compared it to a university-campus like feel.  

Geotechnical work will be done in the next few months and a construction tender will go out.  

Xenos estimates the design of the buildings will be ready in 2014 with the station fully operational in 2017.