N.W.T. RCMP say a change to their phone system means people calling local detachments may not hear ringing on their end even though their call is going through to Yellowknife.

RCMP say it's a technical issue that comes with blending the old phone system and the new digital system in Yellowknife.

There is no 911 service in the Northwest Territories. Each detachment has its own emergency phone number. 

When no one is available to answer the phone at a detachment, the call automatically gets forwarded to the communications centre at G Division headquarters in Yellowknife.

The problem is the caller may hear silence on their end of the line, even though the line is ringing in the communications centre.

RCMP are advising callers to stay on the line, and say calls forwarded to Yellowknife will be answered as soon as possible by the first available dispatcher.

RCMP say they are working to solve the problem.