Cabin consumed by sinkhole near N.W.T. community

A Fort Resolution, N.W.T., man says an entire cabin vanished into a massive sinkhole near the community.

Building was used as picnic spot and for those out on the land near Fort Resolution, N.W.T.

Another view of the sink hole. There were reports of lightning in the area at the time the hole formed. Ekinla said he thinks that triggered the hole. (Photo courtesy of Carol Collins)

A Fort Resolution, N.W.T., man said an entire cabin vanished into a massive sinkhole near the community.

Robert Ekinla was driving his ATV when came upon the hole. He had been heading to the cabin, which is used as a survival cabin and is located at a popular picnic spot along the Slave River.

"I got to the last bend and holy moly — there is no cabin. I didn't see the hole yet. All of a sudden, I just seen the top of the roof — big giant hole about about 80 feet by 90 feet," he said.

The cabin, a picnic table, a fence and some trees all reportedly fell into the sinkhole, which is on the edge of the Slave River near Fort Resolution, N.W.T. (Photo courtesy of Carol Collins)

Ekinla said be thinks a recent lightning strike might have triggered the hole, and then water flowing under the ground pulled it in.

Along with the cabin, picnic tables, a fence, fire pit, outhouse and some nearby trees sank in as well.

The local hamlet council owns the cabin.

Ekinla said he isn’t sure if it can be salvaged.

This isn't the first time a cabin has appeared somewhere unusual in the N.W.T. Last week, a cabin was seen floating down the Peel River near Fort McPherson, N.W.T.