Buying a used car? Remember to check for flood damage

NWT residents asked to be careful when buying used cars from Alberta.

N.W.T. residents asked to be wary

Unlike a collision, flooding can cause problems that are difficult to see at first glance. (file)
The NWT government is warning residents to be careful when buying used cars from Alberta.

Flood damage can cause a series of problems.

Earl Blacklock is with the territory's department of transportation. He says residents should have cars inspected.

"What we're a little concerned about is that people that might have tried to sell it in their backyard are going to try to go to places where people are not as aware," he said.

It is a common occurrence for NWT residents to buy used cars in Alberta and drive them north.

In Yellowknife, local mechanic Carson Mailman says that flood damage can be hard to find.

"Today's cars have sensors and computers and all those things. It's very expensive," he said.

Mailman said flooded cars can develop a series of problems, which can include a failure of airbags to deploy due to  corroded interior wires. 

Other symptoms of a flooded car include condensation inside the headlights and speakers that produce a buzzing noise.