A busload of tourists helped rescue a Mayo woman on Yukon's Klondike Highway on Monday after her vehicle overturned.

Louise Pratt, 46, says the road was bumpy two kilometres south of Moose Creek Lodge and she lost control when she swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle.   

Pratt's car went down a nine to 12 metre embankment, landing upside down in a pool of water, with water halfway up the doors.

The driver of the other vehicle stopped and flagged down a Holland America tour bus that was travelling behind Pratt's vehicle.

After the car came to rest, Pratt says she was disoriented when she heard voices. 

"Right away a bunch of guys, they tried to lift my car so they could open the door and I could get out," she said.

"Good thing there was a bus coming because one guy only could never have been able to lift the car like that."

Pratt received scratches and bruises, but she says wearing a seatbelt kept her in the seat.