There is no word yet from Buffalo Airways on when its services will resume after Transport Canada reinstated the airline's licence this week.

Buffalo Airways runs passenger, freight and courier services.

Transport Canada says specifics on how Buffalo Airways will improve its safety record have to come from the airline. 

Buffalo Airways has not responded to CBC's request for comment.

It took the Hay River, N.W.T.-based airline six weeks to come up with a corrective action plan that satisfied the regulator after it suspended Buffalo's commercial air operator certificate late last year. During that time, owner Joe McBryan stepped away from managing the company.

Jean-Stéfane Bergeron, Transport Canada's regional director of civil aviation in Winnipeg, said there were some safety concerns Buffalo needed to address.

"In a general sense, the concerns we had were with operational controls which are generally issues like ensuring that a aircraft is ready for flight, is mechanically sound, that crews are well trained, those types of operational concerns."

Donna Lee Jungkind, deputy mayor of Hay River, says the community was able to manage since the suspension was imposed.

"Hay River residents are pretty resilient," she said.

"We've managed to work and Buffalo as well has managed to work around them not having their air licence. Of course there's been some impact but I think for the most part, we've managed to figure out other routes. Once they're back up and running, we will go back to the way things were before."