Buffalo Airways campaigns for Lego DC-3 set

N.W.T.'s Buffalo Airways is looking for 10,000 people to sign up online for Lego to consider creating a DC-3 construction set.

N.W.T.'s Buffalo Airways is looking for support to immortalize its DC-3 aircraft in Lego.

The Hay River-based company needs 10,000 people to sign up online for Lego to consider creating a DC-3 construction set.

Mikey McBryan, general manager of Buffalo Airways, says he's been working with a Lego genius in Europe over the past nine months to design the plane.

The model has retracting landing gear, a cockpit and passenger cabin that can be opened.

"You can actually put Lego guys in, and it's Buffalo-themed. We're just hoping to get our big break in the Lego world."

McBryan says Lego only picks one or two concepts that break 10,000 supporters in each quarter of the year.

He says he got the idea earlier this year when visiting Denmark's Legoland. It features lifesize Lego creations of a DC-3 and Joe and MikeyMcBryan as part of the Ice Pilot School ride.

So far, more than 400 people have voted for the Lego DC-3 online. 


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