Whitehorse Mayor Bev Buckway, seen at an election forum earlier this month, was elected to her second three-year term on Thursday. ((CBC))

Bev Buckway won a second term as mayor of Whitehorse on Thursday night, and she will be joined by a council composed mostly of familiar faces.

Buckway was re-elected with 2,540 votes, or 60 per cent of the vote. Fedoriak had 1,580 votes.

"We're going forward. We're not going backwards," Buckway said after the results came in late Thursday night.

Buckway, who has been Whitehorse's mayor since 2006, was challenged by Fedoriak, a longtime resident, for the city's top job. The former barber was a councillor for one term before she moved into the mayor's chair.

Fedoriak told CBC News he accepts the decision and likely will not run again.

2 newcomers to council

Among the 12 people running for council's six seats, incumbent Doug Graham secured the most votes with 2,678, followed by newcomers Ranj Pillai and Betty Irwin.

Also elected to council are Dave Stockdale, Florence Roberts and David Austin, all incumbent councillors.

"We've got some stability and experience coming from the incumbents, and also some people with some new ideas and some new enthusiasm coming on board," Buckway said. "So that's absolutely wonderful."

Pillai said he wants to meet with Yukon government officials to review the comprehensive municipal grant that the city receives.

"I've said it over the last three weeks: $5.5 million approximately is not enough money," he said.

Poor voter turnout

Despite their victories Thursday, Buckway, Pillai and other elected councillors said they were unhappy with the poor voter turnout of just 37 per cent, which is down from 44 per cent in 2006.

"Yeah, it's awful. It really is awful," Buckway said. "I don't know what we can do to get a better turnout at the polls. The numbers are slipping year after year, it seems."

Jeanine Myhre, who served on the previous council, did not secure enough votes for re-election. Also defeated in the council race were Ron Swizdaryk, Graham Lang, Skeeter Miller-Wright, Janet Brault and Michael Buurman.

Buckway and her new council will be sworn in Oct. 26.