Broken, sharp debris on Yellowknife streets causes concern

A Yellowknife lawyer raised concerns about sharp metal, broken handrails, and other safety hazards on city streets and trails at the council meeting Tuesday.

Local lawyer says safety hazards could 'impale somebody'

Yellowknife lawyer Garth Wallbridge worries sharp metal like this broken traffic post could cause injuries. ((Courtesy of Garth Wallbridge))

A Yellowknife lawyer is raising concerns about sharp metal, broken handrails and other safety hazards on city streets and trails.

Garth Wallbridge said he picked up half of a child’s scooter that was lying in a busy intersection during rush hour on Tuesday.

He said there's also traffic post near one of the soccer pitches that has been sheared off, leaving a sharp piece of metal exposed.

“It could impale somebody,” Wallbridge said in an interview with CBC.

Wallbridge listed other concerns at Yellowknife City Council meeting Tuesday, including broken handrails along the Frame Lake Trail and bolts left sticking out of the sidewalk when benches were removed in front of the post office earlier this month.

At the council meeting, Wallbridge asked that city employees be instructed to pick up trash and fix problems where they see them. He said none of these issues should require costly repairs.

Wallbridge told CBC councillors were receptive to his complaints, but no one has been told yet to resolve the problems.